Chef Holger Lutz

Absolute quality, creativity and continuity justify the award of the coveted Michelin star! It's a great success, to be awarded more than 25 years by the Michelin, so now the story continues under chef de cuisine Holger Lutz. The Michelin star is and will continue to shine on the gourmet restaurant Endtenfang.

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Merit by Holger Lutz, who was since 2006 Hans Sobotka aside and since 2011 leads the restaurant Endtenfang as head chef gourmet. Characterized by its stations in the German star gastronomy - Gourmet Restaurant Palais in Wurzburg, Hotel Alpenhof Murnau, Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe with Lothar Eiermann and chef at Hiscox Art Bar & Restaurant in Munich and in Bischoff am See in Tegernsee - he returned in 2006 in the Fürstenhof Celle , initially as head Saucier, in the gourmet restaurant Endtenfang.

Holger Lutz, a chef of the young generation. His name stands for an honest, Mediterranean in their roots kitchen, which he interpreted in a contemporary and imaginative way, presented with regional and seasonal products as modern and cosmopolitan flavors cuisine.